January 2023 SEO

Last updated: 1/21/2023

The world of SEO is always changing, here is the what happened in the SEO world in January 2023.

Google Algorithm Changes

In January 2023, there has not yet been a confirmed algorithm update.

Google Algorithm FAQs

How volatile were the SERPs in January 2023?

The SERPs in January of 2023 fluctuated from a 1.6 to a 7.1 (SEMRush Sensor)

SEO News & Updates

Google Recommends Multiple Date Signals

2023 will be fascinating to see what Google does with the ever growing popularity of AI content generators such as ChatGPT, wordsmith, etc.

They already added E-E-A-T to help weed out some of that content but now adding time stamps multiple times will only help them decipher even more.

John Mueller says to avoid using javascript in the head

User experience and site speed go hand in hand together so it is no surprise that Google wants javascript below the head of each webpage. It should always be the goal of your website to give users the best possible experience which means a fast loading site.

Google says Product Reviews Linking To Multiple Sellers Could Get Boost

This is interesting that they openly discuss what could be a competitive advantage. In my opinion this will be a highly spammed tactic in 2023 until Google takes this back.

Imagine a company paying for a product review and then having the “reviewer” link to multiple affiliates that sell their product(s).

Google gives tip for optimizing Core Web Vitals

A super helpful blog post from the Google Chrome team, it seems like Google understands not every website will be able to be perfect on these measurements but the guidelines are still a nice verification of elements web designers and SEO’s have long suspected.

Google Removes Embedded Podcasts From Search

This probably doesn’t impact most podcast creators as much as you’d think since most creators are already using other platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc. but it likely does signal the fact Google wants you to use YouTube instead for your podcasts if you want traffic from Google.

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