Video Services

Shane offer’s a variety of different video packages for your business.

Company Documentary

The company documentary video is a 5 minute video that will include everything about your business. Shane will conduct a short interview with each of your department’s, this is effective because it lets your potential clients put a face behind who they are speaking with in customer service, who is shipping there product or who they are working with as there project manager. The video will also include a brief tour of your facility and put in the necessity’s such as your NAP(Name, address, phone number) profile.

Product Reviews

What is your top selling product? Why is it better then your competitions? What are the unique selling points? Of course you know the answers to these basic questions but does your average customer? Product review video’s can take your products campaign’s to the next level. Each video is 30 seconds to 3 minutes and include a mixture of voice narrative, dispersed video clips and stock images. These video’s will be embedded to your website and distributed to the proper channels to ensure maximum relavent exposure.

Service Reviews

You have year’s of experience in your industry and have helped numerous clients achieve there goal’s but you are not as busy as you could be, video’s can prove loud and clear why there is no doubt about who they need to reach for there needs. Service review video’s are 30 seconds to 10 minutes long in duration and include voice narration, before and after pictures (when possible), awards and recognition’s, and breakdown of what makes your services successful.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonial video’s can be very powerful and are a major asset in branding your business online. The more client testimonial video’s you have surfacing online the better your chance’s of making a great first impression is. Shane will interview real client’s and have them give a testimonial of your company. These videos are 30 seconds to 2 minutes long in duration and are distributed to various websites and profiles to maximize your results.

Please contact Shane today for a free consultation.

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