Internet Marketing Services

Reputation Management


Search Engine Optimization

Also known as SEO or Inbound Marketing, Search Engine Optimization is the process of generating click’s to your website from the “organic”, “natural”, or “non-paid” ad’s. A successful SEO campaign is most effective by creating a combination of high quality content both on-site and off-site and building links that come from industry related and relevant website’s that are pointing back to the correct pages.

Pay Per Click

PPC marketing delivers the quickest results but is usually much more expensive then a traditional SEO campaign. Pay Per Click campaigns are able to deliver quicker results because you are paying Google for your rankings in a auction like atmosphere. Essentially you are creating multiple ad’s and are bidding for your placements based on how popular the keyword is. Each time your ad is clicked on you are paying Google “X” amount of dollars per click.

Website Development

Have the perfect website in mind but don’t know how to create it? That is where Shane can help you, if you can give him a mock up he can have a template created for you in as little as 24 hours.

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