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3 Surprising Statistics on Reputation Management

Doctors, Dentists and other Medical Professionals: Reputation Management Facts.


3 Surprising RM Stats 3 Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group

All it takes is one scathing review to outshine all the glowing recommendations to make a prospective patient think twice about your practice. With such a large segment of the population relying on social media for advice when choosing a doctor or hospital, not properly maintaining your online reputation is a huge gamble to take. Whether you like it or not, a conversation about your practice and doctors is already taking place online. Are you part of that conversation?

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Although this statistic pulls data from three years ago, it is still powerful. There is a very good chance your patient will walk out of your exam room and hop right on to their phone. Whether a patient’s experience was positive or negative, it is easier than ever for your patients to share their experiences almost instantaneously. It’s important for…

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