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Shane Hampson

Professional Search Engine Optimization Consultant

My name is Shane Hampson and I am a professional digital marketer and SEO consultant with over 11 years of SEO experience.

My career has afforded me the opportunity to do enterprise SEO for some of the largest and well known logos in the world including a national pizza chain with 5,000+ franchise locations, a 20 billion dollar pharmaceutical company, the largest home services company in the world (30+ brands and 5,000 locations) and a 400 billion dollar gas and oil company.

My enterprise SEO experiences are without a doubt some of my fondest memories but I got into SEO because I wanted to help small businesses owners succeed by getting them the exposure they needed online. My current position as the head of SEO at Neighborly has been amazing because I get to combine my love of both enterprise SEO and Franchise SEO.

Businesses hire me in various stages of their SEO projects; whether they are looking for an outside perspective on an SEO proposal, a detailed review of their current SEO strategy, SEO vendor evaluation, scaling your SEO team, or hands-on SEO strategy and implementation, I can help you hit your organic search goals.

I create content with the goal of helping others succeed in the world of SEO.

Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn for daily updates.

SEO Consultant FAQ’s

Do you offer virtual SEO consulting?

Yes, all SEO consulting can be done virtually via ZOOM or other video and screen sharing softwares.

How long has Shane Hampson done SEO for?

Shane Hampson has been doing SEO since 2011, which is 11 years.

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