About Shane Hampson

Starting in the SEO agency world in 2011, I worked as a “reverse SEO” specialist, quickly rising through the ranks to Director of Reputation Management. Fast forward to today, I have been fortunate enough to have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of SEO experience working for many of the largest and most respected SEO agencies in the world and servicing some of the most recognized logos in the world including the largest pizza franchise company, three of the largest pharmaceutical companies, an international gas and oil company, thousands of home service franchisees and hundreds of SMB’s including doctors, attorneys and many other things that fall in between. 

SEO Consulting Services

Shane is an ethical and transparent white-hat SEO consultant who can deliver consultation to many types of organizations including forensic SEO, enterprise SEO, private equity SEO consulting, and SEO personnel interviewing and hiring. Whether you need SEO consulting to help implement a new SEO team, or new SEO methodologies, work alongside your existing team, or lead your SEO vendors Shane can help.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO consulting is for national SEO strategies which can be either leading or existing SEO teams, helping lead, or auditing current SEO vendor’s performance, consulting with interviewing or hiring SEO personnel. 

Forensic SEO

Forensic SEO consulting is available for organizations that are struggling to find the reason for a drop in SEO performance, this typically includes a technical SEO audit but generally requires a more thorough analysis including things like search intent analysis, penalty audits, and assessments or cross-channel opportunities. 

Website Migration Consulting

Website migration consulting is available for organizations who are planning to migrate a website to a new platform, new domain, or even a full re-brand. 

When website migrations go wrong you can lose 30-70% of your organic traffic and keyword rankings which is devastating to most businesses. Website migration consulting helps you ensure a smooth migration including involvement in the strategic planning and concept phases and working through the pre and post-migration audits.  

Franchise or Multi-Location SEO Consulting

With over a decade of experience helping franchise and multi-location organizations achieve online success, I can help you with anything from building scalable SEO strategies, SEO vendor performance audits, building you an internal SEO team or simply consulting with impactful strategies. 

Technical SEO Consulting

Technical SEO consulting is available for organizations who need a lift with their technical SEO projects. 

Common examples:

  • Website hierarchy 
  • Internal linking analysis 
  • Schema strategy 
  • Core Web Vitals optimization 
  • XML sitemap optimization 
  • Crawling and Indexing issues

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Shane’s SEO Foundational Beliefs 

There are many elements that go into SEO including different schools of thought, foundational beliefs, and the best way to achieve success. Here are my SEO foundational beliefs. 

  • There are three pillars of SEO: Content, Technical, and Off-Site SEO. 
  • Data-driven decisions: There is certainly a wrong way to do SEO but the best way to do SEO can and should be debated with the data being the ultimate decision maker. 
  • SEO should only be done with white hat methodologies. 
  • Any strategy proposed should be presented with the logic behind it which entails the SEO strategist should be able to answer the how, what, and why behind the logic of the strategy. 
  • Although SEO should not be cookie-cutter, it should be scalable and repeatable. 

The most important aspect is SEO should be ethical and transparent. 


“There is clearly many wrong ways to do SEO, however, the “best” way to do SEO is always going to be debated with data being the ultimate decider” 

Shane Hampson

SEO Consultant

Ready To Connect?

Let’s talk about your SEO strategy, opportunities, and goals.