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With over 70% of all clicks going to the organic search results it’s crucial your website is easily found for the services and products that you offer. In order to increase your websites visibility you will need to invest in a great SEO strategy. This investment can be either time, money or both.

Search engine optimization (SEO) consulting services are flexible and is the most common service requested.

Whether your business needs advice on how to re-structure your SEO team, would like a transparent perspective on an SEO proposal, assisting your in-house SEO team with special projects or even one on one meetings to discuss your projects SEO consulting will provide impactful answers for your needs.

SEO Consulting Products

Often times marketers read or hear “SEO tech audit” and immediately think of some automated tool like SEMRush that spits out an analysis of a single URL or provides limited data across a domain.

The tech audits Shane provides are world-class and have been developed over the last 10+ years of doing SEO.

The tech audits themselves are over 10,000 words and audit over 50 different SEO elements. Each element in the audit audit includes a description of what the element is, why it’s important and a grade of either pass or a list of each issue found under that element.

What does your SEO keyword research look like? How does your team and vendors use your current keyword research?

The best SEO keyword research will be well-researched, that is a given, in addition to being well-researched it should also provide the keywords broken down into primary categories, sub-categories, funnel target, audience target and monthly search volume.

When you have these components in your SEO keyword research you provide your content writers all of the ammunition they need to win the battles in the search engines.

Website migrations provide ample opportunities for your successful website to experience major losses in traffic, leads and sales.

Many webmasters and even SEO professionals do not have the experience or knowledge of much of a negative impact a failed website migration can have.

As a website migration SEO consultant Shane has been pulled into projects after a failed migration where the websites have dropped 30-50% of their organic traffic and lost a similar amount of keyword rankings.

Do not let this happen, ensure you have a successful website migration to make the most of your new website.

SEO Consulting Services

When hiring an enterprise SEO consultant you need somebody who genuinely understands the ins and outs of how enterprise businesses operate yet also have the self-awareness to realize they can’t come in day one and expect to move mountains. A great enterprise SEO consultant will need to build connections with the key stakeholders and truly grasp the short term and long term goals of the businesses SEO goals before making SEO recommendations.

Franchise businesses present unique challenges that many SEO professionals and consultants do not understand until they are in over their heads.

SEO is very intricate in itself with Google consistently changing the algorithm and weighing over 200 factors before ranking a URL for a specific keyword.

Now throw in the complications of dealing with Franchise Owner’s who range from extremely knowledgable marketers to zero marketing knowledge at all and you are presented with a tricky situation.

Shane has experience working with over 20 large Franchise Brands in the home services, hotel and food & beverage industries.

One of the largest and most competitive industries in the world, pharmaceutical SEO requires an experienced SEO who has knowledge of how to navigate tricky elements like the pharmaceutical review committees and navigating the stringent brand guidelines.

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

Now that you’re on a mission to make your website friendly to the search engines, it’s time to plan your next move. Feel free to book a strategy session, and we can discuss your plan of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your SEO products cost?

My SEO consulting whether it’s a product or service is completely customized to the total project size and what is needed. Please contact me for more information. 

Do you offer free SEO consulting?

I do not offer free SEO consulting but I do offer an always growing free blog and SEO newsletter which provides my point of view on various SEO topics, trends and news. I also host “The Search Cast Podcast” which as more free SEO information. 

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