What is the impact of online complaints for a business?

When it comes to online complaints they are truly a thorn in your side, customers read them, your employees read them and everyone wants to bring them to your attention but how much are the truly impacting your business?

Lets take a look at some free available resources so you can self monitor your online reputation.

An amazing tool is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

This tool enables you to type in any combination of your business, personal or other keywords and phrases that you think could be harming your business. For example just because a keyword is populating a derogatory listing doesn’t necessarily mean it is impacting your bottom line, with this tool you will see exactly how many times a month your keywords are getting searched.

adwords keyword tool

Now that you know how frequently that specific keyword is getting searched, how is it effecting your actual traffic and conversion rate? This is where Google Analytic’s come in to play however if your GA is not set up you can also use websites such as Compete.com

Compete is a free 3rd party resource that will gather a rough estimate of your unique web visitors a month. The way I recommend utilizing this free tool is by finding out when the complaint surfaced originally and compare that to your web traffic from that point.