Why Hire A Technical SEO Consultant?

Top Reasons To Hire Technical SEO Consultants

If you do a google search for “seo audit tools” you will see hundreds of various SEO audit tools and softwares flooding the search results. They all look great and have impressive brand logos, compelling features and great reviews but how you leverage these for your business?

    Having access to best in class SEO tool sets without the knowledge of how to leverage these tools is much like owning a Ferrari but being afraid to drive.

    For example a tool might flag the following:

    • Failing hreflang: Do you understand what hreflang means?
    • What is an orphan page?
    • Why does my site speed fail but my core web vitals pass?
    • Do you know how to optimize the viewport meta data?

    What does a Technical SEO Consultant do?

    A technical SEO consultant will be able to leverage these various SEO tools and provide you with a detailed plan of action for how to improve your website. The key to a great technical SEO consultant is finding someone who not only understands technical SEO but can also communicate it the appropriate stake holders.

    When it comes to SEO and especially technical SEO, you will want a technical SEO consultant who is comfortable communicating, they need to keep the information high level for leadership and also be able to get into the weeds with your web developers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When to hire a technical SEO consultant?

    The best time to hire a technical SEO consultant like myself is when you are in need of a detailed report regarding the technical aspect of your website. An example of this would be before a website migration or if you are having issues getting your new content indexed by Google. 

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