Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is often associated with the early days of internet marketing, which consisted of link farming and spammy content to produce top rankings. If that is still how you perceive the world of SEO then you are in for a rude awakening. Google has launched hundred’s of changes to its algorithm’s, while some changes are considered major and have catchy name’s like Panda and Penguin others are made without much of a commotion. These algorithm changes were created to weed out those original tactics, now Google is looking at a multitude of variables that go into each ranking for each keyword.

Cutting Edge Resources

While conducting your analysis we utilize proprietary analytic tools that will dissect every key ingredient needed for a successful SEO campaign. Our software will crawl your whole website and check for both basic and advanced levels of SEO metrics.

Whats the secret?

Starting with step one we make sure your website is set upon a solid foundation so we can build on a SEO friendly platform. Checking the fundamentals such as your basic site structure  is often over looked but is a very important step in the process,what do we mean by site structure? Site Structure refers to things like making sure your website has the proper site maps and robot txt files in place.

Tag your it!

Does your website have the correct Meta content? Meta content includes alt texts, meta descriptions, title tags and alt tags and each element is crucial for your website to get indexed properly in the major search engines and are a necessity to increase your web traffic.

Technical Site Audit

In our analysis we will do a technical site audit which will reveal any additional chinks in your websites armor. When it comes to your website efficiency is key, we will make sure things are running smooth. The major search engines look for things such page load time, canonical issues (301 re-directs and a custom 404 page) and SEO friendly page titles.

Creative Content

With the crawlers from major search engines consistently being upgraded to be able to read your website just like a human would, it is more important then ever to deliver quality content for the ever important user experience. Content needs to be catchy and relavent to capture the end user’s attention but also organic so the crawlers will index your pages. Blending your content is a crucial part of your SEO campaign and we can help properly keyword optimize all of it.

Link Building

Linking is still a crucial part of all SEO campaigns but today’s linking is much more advanced and search engines are now looking at your overall linking profile. Gone are the days of buying 1000’s of links from India and anchor text spamming one keyword to obtain your rankings. Website’s are now judged based on various criteria including AC rank, deep link ratio, number of links, where the links are coming from (how many reffering domains and are the inbound links coming from someone industry related), where do the links sit on the page (header, footer, in the body of the page, is it a directory, etc.). Does your linking profile contain both branded and organic anchor texts?

Social Sharing

Social Media is not only one of the best ways to stay connected with your customer base but major search engines are now taking your social media into consideration when determining your websites page rank. Social media profiles such as Google +, Facebook and Twitter are all being monitored and directly influence your web presence.

Off-site marketing

SEO has evolved into a true beast not only does your on site content have to be terrific but your off site content marketing needs to be spot on as well. Website’s such as Slideshare, Tumblr,  and Squidoo all have a great page rank and can provide valuable follow and no-follow links if they get enough organic strength.

Capture a greater market share

Just like you envision the top rankings for your website your competitors are chasing similar goals, this is where our proprietary software really separates us from the rest of the field. Our analysis will not only audit your website but it will also target your top industry competitors and find out what makes them strong and where we can exploit a weakness.

Smart keyword selection

In the highly competitive world of SEO it is prudent to pick and choose your battles to really see the most effective campaign. Everyone wants to rank in the golden triangle for the most sought after keyword terms in there industry but if you are on a limited budget it’s not necessarily beneficial to go head to head with the major corporate players that can spend hundreds of thousands of marketing dollars every month, instead let us help you figure out what keywords will produce quality traffic and top spot potential.